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Ways to prepare for a homemade seasonal celebration


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In the soaps, we rarely see our favourite characters preparing for a homemade seasonal celebration. This is partly due to timings; the episode might not air on Bonfire Night or Halloween, and it’s partly because watching a character craft doesn’t exactly make for compelling viewing.

But how could our favourite characters prepare for a homemade seasonal celebration? And if your favourite soap characters aren’t getting into the seasonal swing of things, then how could you?

You get to decide

It’s important to know that you can choose what you celebrate, that you’re in the driving seat. Some people go all out for Halloween, but others focus more on Bonfire Night, Valentine’s Day, or Easter!  You get to pick where to focus your energies and you don’t need to celebrate everything.

Cleaning the house

I know it’s boring, but if you’re having people visit, you’ll want to make sure that your home is clean and tidy. So box off some time to do this, a couple of days before your big event.

Think about your invitations

If you’re going to have a celebration then it’s important to make your guests aware. Consider making invites using coloured card that represent the season. Greens and reds would work for a Christmas party, but yellows and greens would be better for an Easter celebration.

Think about your decorations

No seasonal celebration is complete without decorations. To add some humour, consider adding some Funny SVG to your decorations. If you want to make them personalised, then add some Bubbles SVG and put you own words and phrases within them.

You could go traditional with your decor, by having carved pumpkins on display at your Halloween party and chicks and bunnies on display during your Easter celebration.  Alternatively, you could take a traditional idea and make it fit with the season. For example, you could make a rag wreath, which is traditionally made at Christmastime, to reflect another seasonal celebration. If you decide to do this, then think about the material and the colours that you use. Use thick materials in autumnal colours such as orange and brown for a Halloween rag wreath and yellows and green cottons for an Easter decoration.

Think about the food

No celebration is complete without food. So if you’re planning to celebrate something, then why don’t you make some homemade grub? Traditionally, people tend to eat toffee apples at Halloween, parkin cake on Bonfire Night and chocolate treats at Easter.

If you don’t feel particularly confident in the kitchen, then keep it simple. You could make chocolate cornflake cakes topped with mini eggs at Easter time, or you could dip some apples in chocolate at Halloween.

Think about gifts

If you’re celebrating something, then you might want to give your guests a present. Your gifts don’t need to be expensive and if you want to make them personal, you could make them yourself! This will also mean that your guest has a handmade memento to remind them of your celebration.

Make it fun

If you are hosting a celebration, then you’ll want to ensure that your guests are entertained. Consider creating an Easter egg hunt if you’re hosting a spring event, or games such as apple dunking if you’re throwing a Halloween-themed event.

You don’t have to do it all

If you’re preparing for a homemade seasonal celebration, then it’s important that you remember that you don’t have to do it all. You can do as much, or as little as you’d like and celebrating something obscure shouldn’t be off the cards because you don’t see your favourite character doing it.

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