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Making your wedding day special


It’s okay for our favourite soap characters isn’t it? Rescheduling weddings is yet another thing we never see soap characters doing. But over in the real world, it’s a reality many of us have faced. So how do you ensure that your wedding day is special, despite any restrictions that may be in place? Here, I explain.

Going with the flow

I know that it’s easier said than done, but if you’re waiting for your special day then you need to go with the flow. It will happen for you and your day will be special, so don’t worry about the things you can’t change. Just be sure to keep your eye on the latest rules and regulations, so that you can tweak any plans that you have accordingly.

Dress shopping with a twist

For some people, going out shopping for things like bridesmaid dresses hasn’t followed the usual pattern. If your bridesmaid lives in a different part of the country, or internationally (for example), then you may not have been able to hit the shops, looking for dresses. If you need to try and work out what types of dress will suit each person then you can use online resources. Click here to find the right dress style for your bridesmaid.

Staying positive in the run up

It can be hard to stay positive sometimes, especially if your plans have had to change. But try to remember that your special day will always be special, because you’re marrying your true love. Keep a positive mind and try to enjoy the run up to your big day, so you’re not stressed when it does finally happen.

Capturing the day

If you have waited a long time for your wedding day, then you’ll want to ensure that you capture all of the special moments. You might have decided to book a photographer, who will have taken lots of lovely shots, some of which you’ll have posed for. But some of the best images are caught when you’re not looking. Wedding Photo sharing can help you to ensure that see every moment that happened to be captured.

Embrace the changes

None of my favourite love stories ever ran smoothly and that includes my own. After three delays over a twelve month period, I was finally able to get married just last week. We knew it would happen at some point and I’m happy that it finally did. But we embraced the changes we had to make as they occurred.

For example, in Scotland, where I got married, guests had to wear masks. But we didn’t allow this to spoil anything. I don’t mind that my guests were wearing masks during the ceremony, as those masks are a symbol of the time that we got married in. Those pictures will definitely tell a story in the years to come.

You will get your special day. And when it comes along, you won’t care about any tweaks and changes that you had to make to the original plan. Enjoy it all, because the day itself flies by and it will be over before you know it.

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