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Making changes to my home


Like many of the residents of residents in Coronation Street, I live just outside Manchester. That street may be cobbled, but mine as a different kind of history, so when I’m making updated to my home, I like to be sensitive to that. Updating homes doesn’t seem to be at top of many soap character’s agendas, but it is mine. Below I share my plans.

A street like mine

My road was cobbled once, but it is now tarmacked. However, the homes on it date back to the 19th century and they have a lot of the original features intact. In our case, that includes a grand staircase, sash windows, a wooden front door, a tiled porch area, coving and high ceilings.

Making changes

We have some big changes that we need to make with our house. Firstly, we need to get replacement sash windows. I am going to make sure they are tailor made to fit in with the style of our house. But ensuring that the windows are secure is definitely a priority too!

As well as tackling the windows, we need to strip and repaint the wooden door. The stone on the outside of our house did have blue paint on it, but we recently had the stone and brick blasted, so it’s back in its original form.

Taking it room by room

Once the outside of home is complete, we will be making changes inside. But we will be taking it room by room. We want to take our time, to ensure we get the finish we want.

We will get new doors everywhere, before tackling the master bedroom. This is partly finished, but not fully. We have replaced the wardrobes in this room and we have also invested in a new bed with inbuilt storage. However, we still need to wallpaper and change the carpet.

Once the main bedroom has been updated, we will get to work on the second bedroom. We want to move our son into that room, but the wallpaper and wardrobes need changing before we do that.

Other substantial jobs in our home include updating the living room. At the moment, the high ceilings are wallpapered and there’s coving which has been painted a blue colour. This room is quite dark, as is our furniture, so we will be aiming to brighten it up.

When completed, we will move our attention to the kitchen. These repairs won’t be cheap, so I am unsure if we will just change the cupboard doors to save cash, or if we will go the whole hog. We will make the decision when we come to it.

Improving your surroundings

We all spend a lot of time at home. It is where many of live, work and rest. It’s also where we all unwind to watch the soaps, so it is important that we are comfortable in our surroundings. But you need a plan and it’s important to take things at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Are you planning to make changes to your home over the coming months?

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